Erica’s beautiful black hair contrasts tellingly against the tan olive colour of her beautiful smooth skin. She has a beach body if anybody has ever had a beach body and absolutely loves to show it off. The girl looks stunning in tightfitting dresses, even better in a bikini, and better yet in and out of luxurious and playful lingerie.
While she does have a number of similarly sexy female friends, she tends to enjoy the company of men that are. Erica doesn’t really see the appeal of gossiping like many other girls seem to and pop-culture, but would rather contemplate our place in the universe, debate economics, or just shoot the shit. even though she is not gossip, she is still in the early girl. Erica loves jewelry, clothing and makeup because, let’s face it, they complement her absolutely stunning beauty.

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Age : 25
Height : 5’8
Dress Size : 8
Bra Size : D
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