Hannah is a natural beauty who, unlike some of the other escorts on the site, is a girl of simple, yet refined tastes. She enjoys company that can provide stimulating conversation throughout a night and still knows how to have fun. Hannah is a discreet and very skilled professional in the market of Sydney luxury escorts in her client base will attest to that. She is one of the most requested girls on our entire site and has one of the highest rates of returning clients as well.
In her spare time, Hannah likes to travel, ride horses, and has even been known to go for a ride on a dirt bike from time to time. She loves visiting countries that give her culture shock, such as Thailand and Vietnam, but still loves to visit the classics like London and Paris.

If your men of considerable taste and intelligence, however with love to spend some time with you. Fill in the form below to check her availability and maybe say a thing or two about how beautiful you think she is.

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Age : 26
Height : 5’6
Dress Size : 8
Bra Size : C
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        0424 59 66 77

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